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Where we shine Brightness on children's  perception of the world in the most important time of their lives.

Why GBS?


Children are the wave of the future and they are all born with special and unique talents and gifts. These special talents and gifts are largely brought out and developed during the early years of childhood where their awareness and perception of self gets shaped, their interactions with the outside world gets nurtured , and their interests get cultivated. Therefore, it is critical to find the right early childhood training program to ensure that the child's unique talents and gifts are brought to the foreground and enhanced to the fullest. The California's Glendale Bright Start Preschool Program is a child development program and GBS' educational philosophy supports social competency as the primary goal for all children. Social competency in children builds self-esteem and the ability to succeed. Children are provided with learning opportunities, which challenge their growth and development

Our Program

 Our main objective in forming our daily curriculum consists of providing a consistent, predictable sequence of events that gives children a sense of control over what happens next and a stable and secure psychological environment within which they are free to make choices and initiate activities.  The Glendale Bright Start Preschool High Scope Curriculum for preschoolers is child centered, promotes active learning, and teaches children to make their own choices. Children are active learners and experience daily activities including; early literacy, language, math, computer use, and social skills. The daily routine is a balance of child initiated and adult directed classroom activities. Social and emotional development in children is promoted through their relationships with others. For all ages, the education program follows multicultural principles that respect and include all children and their families. 


Toddler Care

  • Teaching classroom routine
  • Potty training
  • Music and dance hour
  • Creative and art hour
  • Sensory activities
  • Outside play hour with play structures
  • Circle time
  • Individual progress monitored and attended to


  • Comprehensive Themes
  • Teaching structure and routine
  • Learning Center Time (children concentrating, solving problems, making decisions, making things, communicating, and participating in social interaction) Art and Crafts Time Circle Time Outside Time Individual progress monitored and attended to

After and before school care

  • After and before school care consists of all the daily routines that are conducted in a structured setting, in addition to providing a nurturing, safe, and productive environment for children to do their daily homework, strengthen their skills via practice and assistance by the teachers, and also catering to each individual child according to their specific need.

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