Why Choose Glendale Brightstart?




The preschool founders’ direct involvement and participation in the daily activities of the students create an environment that is physically safe, mentally nurturing, and cognitively challenging!

  • A multicultural student body and faculty which enriches the educational  experience
  • Daily freshly prepared meals are provided in accordance to a nutritional menu
  • The smaller setting of the classrooms allows for more direct attention to each student

Credited as a five star educational program, GBS was founded by Emma Aroutiounian and Margaret Harvand, both of whom have a long and unique history and expertise in the realm of Education. Teacher Emma obtained her musical degree in the Soviet Union, and continued her education in the United States where she studied Child Development. With over eleven years of experience at Head Start Program, she functioned as a Teacher Supervisor overseeing four different sites in Glendale, CA. She also had a management role in Head Start Admission. She is certified in High Scope Philosophy, has been credited with Site Director Credential, as well as having served as a Parent Educator. Teacher Margaret obtained her fine arts degree in Venice, Italy, and she continued her education in the United States where she majored in Child Development.  For over eleven years, Margaret worked for the Head Start Program as a Teacher, a Master Teacher, and also a Family Services Associate. She is a certified High Scope Philosophy teacher, Parent Educator, and also has been credited with a Site Supervisor Credential.

Glendale Bright Start Preschool - 411 East Colorado Street - Glendale, CA 91205