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GBS prides itself in the unique environment that it creates for its  students and their parents in furthering not only an educational experience but also a family experience. GBS parents and colleagues have shared their experiences at the school as follows:

When I was a Site Director for a local Head Start Program, the Helen Sanchez site was the first center I opened in Glendale. Margaret was one of my teachers. Once a student in her class needed to wear glasses. He did not want to wear the glasses.  Margaret took initiative.  She obtained several photographs of all types of people (including children of all ages) wearing glasses from an optometrist office and displayed them in a booklet for the classroom. She also made all of the children paper glasses to wear to help the child feel more comfortable. The children thought it was fun and the boy began to wear his glasses by the end of the week.  Just in time, because the paper glasses were falling apart.  The other children became very sensitive to glasses. They learned tolerance and how to care for glasses.  By the end of the week, the boy was fine and not self conscious at all.  His mother was so impressed with how Margaret handled the issue that she contacted the local newspaper and a reporter came out to report on the story.  I am now a college professor and each semester, I share this story with my students who plan to become early childhood teachers.  Margaret demonstrated a strong knowledge of child development and she handled this issue with great sensitivity.  This is one of many fond memories I have of working with Margaret Harvand.

Brigette Thompson, Professor, Child Development,

East Los Angeles College

“Looking for a school for my son, Josh, was very difficult. As a parent, I wanted to send my son to the best school that would nurture him to become a better person and give him the highest education. I searched the internet for a preschool with a 5 star rating. I came across Glendale Bright Start and decided to visit the school and see for myself. The moment I stepped inside the school, I felt this was the school for my son. This was where my son would learn and become a better person. Teacher Margaret greeted me warmly and gave me a tour of the school. She was very informative on what they teach the kids and their everyday schedule in school. My son and I went the next day and I didn’t have a hard time leaving him there. In fact, he didn’t even want to go home some days! My son enjoyed school at GBS. I can assure you that the teachers are taking care of their students and giving them the best education they need. The teachers always inform me about my son’s behavior and learning. I really love GBS and so does my son. Thank you so much, GBS, for all your help, understanding, and giving my son the best education.”

Claire Ronquillo

“My daughter has attended GBS for more than a year since she turned 3 years old. She loved the place the moment she set foot in it; she loved the kids, the teachers, the activities, the play yard, the little garden, the food. She is so happy there that very often it is difficult to bring her home in the evening. Every single day she brings home either an art project, or a drawing, or a sheet with letters and numbers; she constantly learns new things and knows a lot more than is expected for her age. What is more important is that at GBS, the kids learn in a structured environment and follow routines which prepares them for school and studying in groups. I also couldn’t help to mention the amazing job the teachers do with maintaining discipline, in a loving manner and without stress and punishments. I have always felt that my daughter was safe and well cared for at GBS, and I feel really lucky to have found them.”


“From the parents’ point of view, we have been so pleased with the true warmth, openness, and professionalism of the teachers at Glendale Bright Start. Our son has made excellent progress in academic skills over a short period of time, and he has also benefited greatly from his many friendships with other children. We like the positive atmosphere and the way in which children’s developmental issues are handled. Enrolling our son, Richard, at GBS was an excellent choice, and we would recommend the program to anyone. Richard’s experience at school comes back to us in the form of songs he sings at home, his pleasure in mastering the alphabet, his stories of interactions with other boys and girls, and the information he has gained about the world from his teachers. He never objects to attending school in the morning and has readily made it an important part of life. The growth in his incidental knowledge of the world is astounding. It is clear that his attitude toward learning, teachers, and school friendships is beings shaped in the best positive way.”


Glendale Brightstart Preschool Testimonials