Glendale Bright Start Preschool - 411 East Colorado Street - Glendale, CA 91205

Glendale Brightstart Preschool Philosophy



The early years are the most important. The experiences of early childhood have profound effects on a child’s later emotional development. Every child is a unique individual, who deserves the right to be recognized as such. They need to be respected and accepted for themselves. They need to be allowed to learn at their own pace by solving problems and growing in a success-oriented learning environment. Every early childhood classroom is a unique community. Each community needs to have an atmosphere, which provides children the opportunity to learn together in a relaxed, friendly manner, while respecting differences. The early learning classroom community must also offer children many choices to use a variety of materials freely and constructively to develop creativity, initiative and independence. Children learn through play. Play stimulates the imagination, provides opportunities for group cooperation and develops intellectual skills and concepts. Play is also a key element in the proper growth of large muscles, which are important in developing strong, healthy bodies. The adults, who guide children, must be healthy, alert, positive people, who are also knowledgeable about child development. Children deserve to have adults in their lives, who enjoy them and truly want to be with them. Young children need adults who are empathetic, responsive, and nurturing. Children need to understand limits of acceptable behavior.

However, in setting rules-consequences for breaking rules must be consistent and relevant. Discipline must never cause physical and/or emotional damage. Discipline shall not be exercised in a manner that is abusive, mean, insensitive, or damaging to a child. Corporal punishment shall never be used as a means of discipline.

Children must be visually supervised by teachers at all times.